Burning Circle Episode 96

(A heavily compressed version was previously e-mailed to the LoCo while efforts were underway to resolve why this could not be uploaded at the usual time)

This week's episode mentions Ubuntu Phone briefly, talks about the need for discussion on the mailing list about an upcoming educational session for the LoCo on IRC, the standing promise that if there is a lack of discussion the first educational topic is going to be a discussion of "The Joy of the BeagleBoard", and the need for bug squashing in Debian Wheezy which will trickle down to help Ubuntu.

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There is an opportunity available to purchase material goods to replace some of the hardware that has died at Erie Looking Productions over the past three weeks. Over the past three weeks the SheevaPlug server died which resulted in hurried realignment of the mission of the BeagleBoard away from its prior desktop role while the 5 year old keyboard PDA/phone finally bit the dust and the 6 year standalone digital media player finally died too. There are some other fallbacks available but they're not maintainable long-term.

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