Burning Circle Episode 104

Tonight's episode provides a follow-up to UDS-1303. Normal episode release cadence will resume on March 11, 2013.

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For the avoidance of uncertainty, this is a rough transcription:

Welcome to the Burning Circle. For release on Wednesday, March 6th, this is episode 104.

This has been an exciting week full of announcements and thought to be full of change. Now that the March virtual developer summit has concluded it appears that actually no change has happened at all. I must point out to our earnest listeners that until the Technical Board says otherwise, Feature Freeze is still taking place on March 7th and the Raring Ringtail release cycle is continuing as it is. I repeat, the Raring Ringtail release cycle is continuing as it is until the Technical Board says otherwise.

There was quite a bit of discussion during all the video streaming sessions. Quite a bit of it kept coming back to feeling a lack of readiness for rolling releases. Implementation was a key sticking point as multiple methodologies were batted around with no resolution in sight. Technical nightmares were identified, grievances were aired, ideas were proposed, and ultimately time was used for discussion.

What does this mean for Ubuntu Ohio? At this point, we keep going. As a community we need to keep testing the development release. We need to celebrate wins and strengthen software when we can. We need to help increase the number of officially recognized Ubuntu Members and Kubuntu Members within our state so that we know we have a solid core to help our team grow. Raring Ringtail enters the Feature Freeze stage of the cycle Thursday so we can look ahead to celebrating release in April perhaps.

Sometimes a radical proposal needs some softening and leavening. This virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit was an attempt at that. Go back and watch the videos. If you want to see me leading a virtual session at this summit, look for "Consider General Contingencies for Xubuntu" on YouTube, which Producer Gloria wound up helping me with. Maybe this may inspire you to lead a session in June. This also helps give me some ideas for when we get ready for our own state-level virtual events yet to come.

Relax. Have a good rest of the week. The Ubuntu UK Podcast will be releasing something on Thursday that they recorded last week so hopefully their in-depth feature turns out well. As to this program, we'll return soon to our normal release cadence.

From the south shores of Lake Erie in the border port community of Ashtabula Township, this program has been brought to you by Erie Looking Productions. Our producer is Gloria Kellat, our owner and engineer is Mike Kellat, and I am the head writer Stephen Michael Kellat. Special thanks go to the High Council of Ubuntu Ohio for making this all possible.

We'll be back with you again on the other side of the Daylight Saving Time switch, friends...

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