Burning Circle Episode 113

This week's episode is brief and is the first after the close of the production suspension. A rough transcript is presented below for the avoidance of doubt.

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And we're back...

Welcome to the Burning Circle. The production suspension has now concluded. For release on Monday, May 20th, this is episode 113.

I have sent to the e-mail list and posted elsewhere a notes update to bring everybody up to speed as to what is going on. I will not reiterate it here. If you need a link to it you will be able to find such in Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter 317. You are subscribed to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, aren't you?

We've had three folks attempt to join our community. I have disapproved two already and one remains in the pool. As a rule of thumb, I do ask that if I e-mail you that you please respond to me within a week. Within that amount of time, even a postcard can reach me via the United States Postal Service. Two people seeking to join did not contact me within a week's time and after multiple e-mails greeting them. One person remains in the queue with four day left to say something even if it is to tell me to go away. As a local community we have to be about more than just collecting a stylized Ohio flag logo on your Launchpad page. My biggest fear is that that has been the case a couple hundred times already.

We're heading into the Saucy Salamander cycle. We're way, way too quiet across the state. We have a mailing list. We have an IRC channel. We have a voicemail drop box to contact the leader. We need to speak up more as a community.

From the south shores of Lake Erie in the border port community of Ashtabula Township, this program has been brought to you over the facilities of the Internet Archive and Ubuntu Ohio by Erie Looking Productions. Our producer, Gloria "The Half Million Dollar Woman" Kellat, remains on medical leave. Our owner and engineer is Mike Kellat. I am the head writer, Stephen Michael Kellat. This program is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 United States license.

Thank you for joining us.

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