Burning Circle Episode 121

As this week's episode discusses a specific deadline an unofficial transcript is provided below for the avoidance of doubt.

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Welcome to the Burning Circle. For release on Monday, July 8th, this is episode 121.

Okay, we've got space approved for Ohio Linux Fest 2013 to present an UbuCon. That's great. The question is what we're going to do with it.

This will be the time for Ohio to shine. This will be the time to show off the many flavors of Ubuntu. I am sure there are many aspects we can all show off.

To that extent I do therefore issue a call for members of the local community to propose sessions for UbuCon. Topics should be sent to me via e-mail through any of the means I have listed on my Launchpad profile and should have an outline for how you would spend thirty to sixty minutes covering the topic. I need to receive these by 12:01 AM Eastern Time on July 31st.

We have to have a minimum measure of participation from across the community. While we have had external propositions for support I want to first hear from within the Ohio community as to what the community wants to present. Those from outside the Ohio community who wish to assist and or present should also have proposals sent to me before the deadline of 12:01 AM Eastern Time on July 31st.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Gaming
  • Server usage
  • Flavor Highlights
  • Highlights about finishing up Saucy Salamander for release
  • Thoughts looking forward to the next Long Term Support release
  • Reflections on the changes wrought by the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit paradigm
  • Ways we need to work within the cultures found in Ohio to expand Ubuntu deployment

I'm sure somebody may have better ideas. Again, folks from outside the local community can contribute though I want to give first priority to local initiative if any arrives in my inbox. With luck we can have a draft line-up for UbuCon put together late in the day on July 31st.

If there is a lack of response, I am going to have to apologize profusely to the Ohio Linux Fest organizers and tell them we cannot proceed with holding the event. I would like to avoid doing so but do recognize that that is not an impossible potential outcome. If there is a distinct yet widespread lack of interest in putting the event on, I need to clearly know that within the next seven days so I can make contact and call this off quickly.

I hope everybody had a good Independence Day holiday to celebrate. A strange summer of even odder weather continues.

Until next time, please remember that this program has been brought to you over the facilities of Ubuntu Ohio and The Internet Archive. We'll be seeing you.

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