Burning Circle Episode 126

In this week's episode we touch upon letting go, XMir, UbuCon, and reference an article of interest from New Scientist. Some sort of commercial for a music festival airs at the start of the program. Said commercial will be airing on terrestrial radio closer to the festival site from August 20th through August 24th.

Related link: New Scientist: Meshnet activists rebuilding the internet from scratch

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Welcome to the Burning Circle. For release on Monday, August 12th, this is episode 126.

Over the past week the Xubuntu community got negative feedback over their testing of XMir. This is unfortunate. The feedback contained significant backlash over the notion of even testing XMir in the first instance.

In the end in the Ubuntu community, the moment does come when you have to let go and move on from instances of ill will, be it real or perceived. 2013 has been a very hard year full of change to adapt to. If you find the changes in the Ubuntu realm hard to cope with, imagine what is coming with the entry into force of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate and what that will do to health care. This is a case of recognizing that however much you may disagree with a decision, the rest of the world is moving on and hopefully you do not get left behind.

We’re coming up on feature freeze soon enough. Lets congratulate the Mir team on landing code in the archive on time. The Xubuntu team has a somewhat informed choice to make coming up later this month that happens to be backed up with empirical evidence. Don’t panic, this is ideally how things should happen.

We’re trundling along towards UbuCon at Ohio Linux Fest. Are you coming?

New Scientist is raising the question of building wireless mesh networks so as to rebuild the Internet. While mentioning a few “community wireless” projects, there appears to be Yet Another New Project in the works. Do we have any participation in this here in Ohio especially with the Hyperboria connection layer? A link to the story will be given in the show post.

What is happening at your end of the state? Sound off.

From the south shores of Lake Erie this program has been brought to you over the facilities of the Internet Archive & Ubuntu Ohio by Erie Looking Productions. Until next time, we’ll be seeing you.

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