Burning Circle Episode 127

This edition is a general round-up that also talks about the presenter's experience attempting a fresh install of the Saucy Salamander alpha from Xubuntu.

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Welcome to the Burning Circle. For release on Monday, August 19th, this is episode 127.

We are heading into another Ubuntu Developer Summit next week. Will you be attending the various video conferences? The work for the next three months will be planned then. Granted, this is going to fall at roughly the same time as the Feature Freeze for the current release cycle but this may yet change again for a future summit's scheduling.

Testing of Mir and XMir, the new display server created to replace the venerable X display server, continues. Now that Mir has mostly landed in the Ubuntu archive more than just the Xubuntu team can play with it. Try it and see what you think. So far driver support is being tested for all sorts of graphics cards and more code is expected to land on August 22nd.

I have had the opportunity to install the latest daily build of the alpha of Xubuntu. I will say I only encountered one bug so far but many more remain possible. When writing the disk image to a USB key, you have to remember to ensure that data flow is consistent while dd is writing. In some cases on machines dd can flake out on you which produces lovely errors in the installer where it complains about a scratched disc. How on earth a USB key can be mistaken for a scratched DVD, I don't know. Once I burned a conventional disc and hooked up the external drive the installation process proceeded well as compared to using a USB key.

Feature Freeze remains set for August 29th. The beta release will be out on September 5th so we will have time to test all the flavors that are out before we head into UbuCon on September 13th at Ohio Linux Fest. A fun period in the second development cycle of the year is coming up.

So far we've been pretty quiet across the state. What is happening where you are? Sound off!

From the south shore of Lake Erie this program has been brought to you over the facilities of the Internet Archive and Ubuntu Ohio. Until next time, we'll be seeing you...

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