Burning Circle Episode 128

This week's episode talks about the new verified teams paradigm for local community teams, mentions the release of 12.04.3, and talks about what is coming up at Ohio Linux Fest. Where the leader disappeared to over the weekend is also mentioned in passing.

An approximate transcript follows below.

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For release on Monday, August 26th, this is episode 128. Welcome to the Burning Circle. I hope you enjoyed the unscheduled cross-over special from *LISTen: An LISNews.org Program talking about the demise of Groklaw. We definitely didn't anticipate that happening whatsoever.*

It has been a bit of a weekend as Erie Looking Productions has been in the field assisting in the presentation of the Music Along the River festival. The festival took place at the Harpersfield Covered Bridge metropark in Ashtabula County. Representatives of Erie Looking Productions hold two seats on the organizing board for the event.

This should also explain my conspicuous absence from IRC over the weekend. It made no sense to leave a bouncer up that I would not see for a couple days. Except for ducking into a nearby McDonald's up Ohio Route 534 to sync an IMAP client on a handheld device from time to time relative to my e-mail...connectivity was lacking. I also had worship services to lead on Sunday morning.

The dot three point release of the 12.04 Long Term Support release came out on Friday. Yeah, releases normally happen on Thursdays but some last minute issues forced the delay to Friday. It is better to release a good disc image than have to hurry and replace a defective one.

Now, onto the main news. The LoCo Council finally announced the new "verified teams" paradigm. In our case it no longer matters that we lack LoCo Council approval. For a team to be verified, it must:

  • Exist in Launchpad
  • Follow correct naming conventions
  • The team contact must have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct

We meet all three standards and I have sent an e-mail inquiring when this new set of standards enters into force. After all, this was first discussed at the Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit in May 2013 so it has been three months. If we have to engage in a health check, that will wait until after we proceed with UbuCon at Ohio Linux Fest 2013 in Columbus.

For the sake of Ohio's standards and the additional requirements that exist if funding is to be sought from Canonical, it is a requirement that those leading Ubuntu Ohio must not only have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct but must also be persons in the "Ubuntu Member" group. Only the less than 800 people on the planet who are Ubuntu Members can request funds for functions so our leader must be qualified to do that.

A requirement that has been carried over from my predecessors is that members of Ubuntu Ohio must have the Code of Conduct signed prior to joining. If you have it signed, you are approved fairly easily out of the moderation queue. If not, you are sent a greeting with instructions on how to take care of that matter. After a week to two weeks, at a minimum, requests to join are denied if you have not signed the Code of Conduct.

As part of the health check, a survey as to the number of persons holding status as "Ubuntu Member" is also sought. I will be speaking about becoming an Ubuntu Member at 9 AM on Friday, September 13th. Yes, we will be talking about such at Ohio Linux Fest. We have some Ubuntu Members who are active and some who are not. We still need to grow the overall number and this is doable.

In the week ahead, we have another Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit running Tuesday through Thursday. Feature Freeze for the Saucy Salamander cycle kicks in on Thursday as well.

Please note as well that last week the Xubuntu team voted against the use of Mir/XMir in their release this October. This means that Kubuntu, Lubuntu, and Xubuntu will not be using Mir/XMir at all in the next semi-annual release. While Mir/XMir can be assessed for the Long Term Support release slated for April 2014, that is a long way away. Development and fixes to various aspects of Mir/XMir still need time to happen.

Graphics stacks options overall still need to be assessed against available developer human capital. While there have been plenty of panicked reactions seen among social networks that Mir/XMir would even still be in the realm of consideration for Xubuntu, those fears are overblown. Let us worry about making Saucy Salamander the best possible release before worrying about an uncertain future we cannot predict. Keeping options open for later down the road is just being prudent in an often-changing software landscape like we have today.

Thank you for joining us. From the south shores of Lake Erie at Command Central, this program has been brought to you over the facilities of the Internet Archive and Ubuntu Ohio. Until next time, we'll be seeing you...

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