Burning Circle Episode 135

This week's episode covers multiple issues. An approximate transcript is also given below.

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Welcome to the Burning Circle. For release on Monday, October 14th, this is episode 135.

We start off this week by mentioning the announcement of the upcoming freeze for Debian Testing. The freeze is announced now but it will not kick off until November 5th, 2014. There is an attached draft freeze policy with some changes. This will overall be placed after we get through the T cycle which is set to be a Long-Term Support release.

Now, bearing that in mind, there is a writer out there known as D.J. Walker-Morgan, formerly of the British publication “The H”, who is calling for the T cycle to not be a Long Term Support release. Mr. Walker-Morgan is making the call to shift the Long Term Support status to what would be the U cycle in the second half of 2014 so that Mir properly has time to land and get a shakedown cruise for six months on the desktop. This is a somewhat controversial call and it is uncertain what weight, if any, it may be given in the development process.

The deadline to propose sessions for the next virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit is November 1st. We are not bystanders, innocent or otherwise. If you have something to say or need to bring up a discussion session you need to head over to u-d-s dot ubuntu dot com to make a proposal soon.

Release of Saucy Salamander is three days away. There being no release party plans being enunciated within the IRC channel or on the mailing list, I am unaware of anything happening across the Buckeye State. I hope I am wrong but in that case please stop hiding in a corner and being secretive. It kinda defeats the point of being a social community. I have a mandatory precinct election officer training session the night before release day, so travel across the state is out in my case except to Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, and Trumbull counties as well as within Ashtabula county.

It is my intent to call a meeting. We have essentially completed our short term plans and have no long term plans set up. We also have a Verification Application to place before the LoCo Council for consideration that requires discussion. If anybody has a preference for a particular week between the release of Saucy Salamander and the kick-off to the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit on November 19th, it is hereby duly requested that you please say so on the mailing list. Once I get a general notion as to the community's preferred week I can then set up a Doodle poll to fix a date and time for the meeting. Once the poll is set up, we can then start putting together an agenda.

The point of the meeting is simple. Where would we like to go as a community? We have to address that question.

With all that being said, we have an interesting and eventful week ahead. If you are so capable, please remember to seed torrents of various download media. We are agnostic as to flavor but do encourage the seeding of lesser-known flavors.

This program has been brought to you by Erie Looking Productions over the facilities of the Internet Archive and Ubuntu Ohio. Until next time, as was said to Number Six in the village, we'll be seeing you...

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