Burning Circle Episode 138

This week's episode talks about voting and other issues. An approximate transcript is given below.

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It is Monday, November 4, 2013. Welcome to episode 138 of the Burning Circle.

If you are within range of the sound of my voice, please go vote Tuesday. Every voter in the state of Ohio has something to vote on this Tuesday. I will be working at a precinct as a poll judge while polls are open. If you are registered to vote you really should do so.

Speaking of voting, the Community Council Election is underway. Across Earth we have seen 764 ballots distributed to folks who are part of the "Ubuntu Member" group on Launchpad. I am not aware of any ballots going off-planet or ballots being transmitted to orbit. For the three of us in-state who have voting privileges, we will be exercising them. The poll closes on Wednesday, November 13th, and the result will be available at 7 PM local time.

Last development cycle I wanted to help shepherd folks through gaining status in the "Ubuntu Member" group. This is one of the tangible parts of empowerment that that allows. Signing the Code of Conduct is a necessary step but it is only the first step. There are currently 764 known members of the "Ubuntu Member" group as of Sunday so we have the chance to boost that number.

There is a multi-sided conflict underway between Mark Shuttleworth, Lennart Poettering, and Martin Graesslin. At that level, we cannot really intervene. It also is not our conflict to deal with let alone resolve. We should leave it alone as we have other things to consider.

Coming up we have our meeting set for November 9th. We will be considering our verification application at that time. The LoCo Council is busily considering applications and verifying communities as we go. Since I am a member of the council, we will not be handling this quietly via a closed bug. Our application will be disposed of during an open IRC meeting. I also have to abstain from voting on Ohio's application which reduces the number of votes required for unanimity to five. Please read the draft that I have posted and be ready to discuss edits at our meeting on November 9th. Please be also ready to discuss plans for the future.

Things are getting colder and the days are getting shorter. We're bringing 2013 to a close. It has been quite a year.

Thank you for joining us. This program has been brought to you over the facilities of the Internet Archive and Ubuntu Ohio by the Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions.

Until next time...we'll be seeing you...

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